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Chair - Neo Davidson MP


The Scottish Affairs Committee was asked to conduct a report, and make recommendations, concerning the plans of the separatist government of Scotland to conduct a referendum on separation.


The committee took evidence from a wide range of independent witnesses which included the Right Honourable Michael Moore, Secretary of State for Scotland, the Right Honourable David Mundell MP, and the Right Honourable Jim Murphy. We also received submissions from Ian Macmillan of the CBI Scotland, Sir Kenneth Calman and officers of the Scottish TUC.


In the light of the overwhelming evidence the committee has received, we can conclude that the referendum is clearly not in Scotland's interest and there is no demand for separation in Scotland. We accept that the Scottish National Party did secure an overall majority at the last Scottish election, but this was not due to their commitment to hold a referendum in the second part of their parliamentary term, but neither was it due to them offering effective government and leadership - just to be clear.


We agree that the referendum could exceed the parliament’s powers and may be ultra vires. We therefore strongly recommend that the UK government declares any referendum designed by the separatist government as illegal and instead conduct a referendum of its own.


The question should be designed by the Secretary of State, but should ask, "do you believe that Scotland should be separated and cut off from the rest of the UK and left to drift somewhere in the middle of the North Atlantic?"


During the course of our enquiry it was necessary to visit Scotland on many occasions, not because there was a need to talk to anyone there, but because the committee has four Conservative members, all of whom represent English constituencies and some had never been to Scotland before. We were careful to ensure that these Conservative members were never allowed out on their own at all times.


We received correspondence from the separatist Government which could be roughly characterised as unhelpful. In its correspondence the Cabinet Secretary suggested where we may wish to dispose of our report. This unhelpful approach of the separatist government remains typical of its "grudge and grievance" agenda and approach to this sovereign Parliament.


We conclude that the Scottish people remain satisfied with the current arrangements in place throughout the United Kingdom and there is clearly no demand for separation.


We further remain the right to be noticed and relevant, and we demand that the Scottish people pay attention to us. Please!!!


Neo Davidson MP, chair, Michael Moore, David Mundell, Margaret Curran, etc, and even more unionist, etc....

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